Tech-Check-Tech (TCT)

Download Guidance for Tech-Check-Tech (TCT) Program Implementation

Health-system pharmacists are being asked to assume more clinical and patient-centered responsibilities in addition to technical distribution activities. Advancing the role of pharmacy technicians and interns through tech-check-tech (TCT) has been shown to increase pharmacist time for clinical, patient-centered responsibilities. These include interdisciplinary communication, drug therapy monitoring, dosing recommendations, and counseling patients on their medications.

A TCT program utilizes specifically trained and qualified pharmacy technicians or pharmacy interns to validate medications selected by another technician or intern for distribution within a Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) licensed premises. According to an ASHP review article from 2011, tech-check-tech programs were being utilized in 15 states. Furthermore, eleven studies have been conducted on the safety of tech-check-tech programs. Pharmacy technician accuracy in tech-check-tech programs was found to be non-inferior to the accuracy of pharmacists (99.6% and 99.3%, respectively) in all eleven studies. However, in six of the studies, pharmacy technicians were reported as having a statistically significantly (p<0.05) higher accuracy rate than pharmacists.

The Missouri Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists Public Policy Committee has developed this guidance document to assist health-systems pharmacists in implementing a safe and effective tech-check-tech program. MSHP encourages Missouri health-systems to follow the outlined procedures in this guidance document when implementing tech-check-tech within their health-systems.

Important Notes:

  • This document does not mandate the use of tech-check-tech. It is an official guidance document for hospitals to use as a resource.
  • All of the medications involved will be administered to the patient by another licensed healthcare worker such as a nurse or doctor. This guidance document does not address TCT in the retail setting, where medications are given directly to patients to self-administer. TCT in the retail setting is not allowed according to Missouri regulations. This document is addressing the movement of medications from one part of the hospital to another.
  • This process does not replace the pharmacist’s check of compounded and repackaged products.
  • The Guidance Document outlines the competency requirements, training, and quality assurance activities that comprise a safe program.
  • This document has been publicly discussed at Board of Pharmacy public meetings, at the Board of Pharmacy Hospital Advisory Committee, and the MSHP Public Policy Committee. It was formally approved by the MSHP Board of Directors.
  • If you have questions, please contact the Chair of the Public Policy Committee.

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